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After one-month of following his training program on The Cycling Gym Online Garth had this to say:

Hi, an update and some thoughts. I have been following the plan to the letter save for Sundays. That is group ride day and it is summer so i need to be outdoors. On Sunday, the group noticed I was climbing better and I felt stronger.

It feels odd to go so slow on rest days especially when hammering downhill to keep HR up and crawling up hill to keep HR low. Confuses my riding buddy but he accepts it. And the obligatory PRO TIP. Use excel to map out the timing of the training session and print it out so that you know exactly where you are in the workout. And use a pen to cross off each 30 sec on/off increment. That way you can focus on riding and not trying to remember is this the 6th or 7th 30 second hit. :)


Garth McAdam

Here is an update on how Garth has been doing:

To begin his relationship with The Cycling Gym Online Garth came to the gym for a metabolic test, through which we determined his zones and where to begin his training. Two months later he followed up with a second test. Garth felt like he had learned a lot and improved on the program. He wanted to see where his fitness was going.

On his second test Garth improved across the board - lactate balance point (tempo), threshold and maximal aerobic power all went up by about 8%! A great return on the time he put into the training following The Cycling Gym Online program.

Best of all Garth said the he feels like the program is challenging. But at the end of each workout he isn't totally cracked. The workload is manageable and repeatable, key elements in any program that is going to make you better over time.

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