Are you looking to get faster, keep up with your friends or just enjoy your riding more? Then our gym is the answer

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Indoor cycling sessions are periodized power based training programs: ride on your own bike hooked up to our Computrainers. We train people from all disciplines of cycling: road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon or commuter. In the summer, we will also offer group training rides on road and trails.


What you need:

  • Bike (road, mountain, cyclocross, tri that can take a skewer)
  • ANT+ enabled heart rate monitor/chest strap: Garmin or Wahoo
  • Cycling clothing (shorts and jersey)
  • Cycling shoes
  • Water bottles, food and gels if needed

Initial Cycling Evaluation

An initial evaluation of your current cycling fitness will be confirmed during a ramp test designed to determine your MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power)—the number which will be the basis of your training on the bike at the gym. Wearing your heart monitor, you ride on the trainer which increases power by 10 watts every minute—and you keep going until it’s too hard and you have to stop. The last power level that you ride at for a full minute becomes your MAP number. We also record your maximum heart rate, which is the highest it gets during the test. Everyone must do a ramp test to begin training, and members will redo this ramp test each month so that we can track your progress and adjust your training program.

What is a cycling class like?

Bring in your favourite playlist! Hop on your bike and chat with the other people in the class while you warm up. Everyone has their own window on the monitor with the interval program and data such as heart rate, cadence and speed numbers displayed. The chatting peters out once the intervals get going and the real work begins, but your neighbour will still be there during recovery phases :) !

We program workouts to train different zones and systems. The coaches are there while the class is on, watching everyone’s heart rates and checking in, asking people how they are feeling throughout the ride. They will encourage you to monitor your breathing and practice breathing technique to improve your respiration. Occasionally, they will decide to dial back the power if you’re tired or your heart rate rises above the appropriate training zone. When the program is finished, you hop off, chat, shower, change, go home, go to work. It’s amazing how much highly efficient work you can accomplish in an hour and a half of riding on the trainer. We also have rollers available for an even more leg-intensive workout.