We want you to have access to as much of our knowledge as possible. The more you know the better you'll be at making the right decisions in your training. Knowledge is power.

The Cycling Gym Online

The Cycling Gym Online is the ultimate online training solution.

TCG Online is for the driven, self-coached cyclist who:

  • has tried it all - HiiT, threshold and power-based training - but isn't getting better
  • is looking for answers - ask away on the forum!
  • wants to go from middle of the group to the front of their weekend ride or race
  • wants to integrate strength training into their program


$14.99 / Month

Currency: US Dollar


Access over 40 years of cycling knowledge through our forum, articles, videos and training programs.


The forum is a great feature of TCG Online. Use the forum to ask your training questions as you progress and refine your approach - you will get an answer from head coaches Andrew and Steve. 

Why we started The Cycling Gym

Have you not been getting better?

Learn why the "go hard or go home" approach to training won't work in the long-term. Our training isn't easy but the concept is to teach you how to improve over time, staying healthy and strong as you do so. 

You're looking for answers and can't figure out what to do next?

We will help guide you to choose the proper training plan, and teach you about the decisions you need to make to coach yourself. Our training incorporates more than simply cycling: mobility and strength work are also something that we believe in strongly. 

Our Training Story

Once you are part of our community you will have access to the forum. There you will be able to ask us the questions you need answered to make the best decisions as to where to take your training. We want to have a conversation, so fire away with your questions.

Our training programs are proven to work, whether at the gym itself or in our private coaching. Come and roll with us to take your cycling up a notch. Give us a try with a 30-day free trial. 

Steve and Andrew, owners of The Cycling Gym