We believe that strength training is essential to developing your fitness on the bike and for your overall health in general. When you improve your muscle strength, you improve your overall aerobic efficiency.

Our strength classes are designed to make you a stronger athlete AND stronger for everything else life throws at you. With strict attention to form, we combine exercises to stretch and strengthen the entire body using resistance bands, body weight, barbells, free weights and various style circuits.

What you need:

Comfortable workout friendly clothing: shorts & t-shirt, yoga clothes are fine.

  • Flat athletic-style shoes. They don’t have to be fancy: just note that running shoes with a lot of heel cushioning won’t work because the heel is positioned too high for the form we need to achieve.
  • Water bottle
  • Notebook to record your program and achievement over time (or smartphone with free TrainHeroic supplied app with your program, this is the best option.)
  • What is a strength class like?

New to weights? Never been a gym person?

No problem: we will ease you into it starting with the basics and progressing to harder workouts. We keep our classes small so that we can give you individual attention and ensure that your form is correct. The experience is similar to personal training, with our coaches paying close attention to all participants.

Phase one: get your body ready

Everyone starts with the introductory phase in which you will condition your body to manage classic strength training. Each class is a little different: we rotate exercises to keep things interesting and develop different muscle groups. We throw on some music and quickly get busy. Bring in your favourite weightlifting playlists!

Examples of phase one exercises;

  • Lateral walking with resistance bands around knees to strengthen glutes
  • Various kinds of planks
  • Push-ups (adjustments made according to athlete ability)
  • Hamstring and hip flexor stretches
  • Step-ups with weights
  • Lunges with weights
  • Different pull exercises with resistance bands to strengthen shoulder muscles
  • Free Squats to medicine ball

Phase two: steady progress

When you’re ready, we start building in classic strength exercises and some circuits depending on the time of the year and strength phase goals. We will teach and closely observe you as you perform the exercises and add weight.

Classic strength training exercises we use:

  • The deadlift
  • Strict press, push press
  • Squats with barbells: front and back
  • Different pull exercises with resistance bands
  • Stretches and exercises to increase mobility
  • Various kinds of rows (chest supported, ring rows, renegade rows)
  • Push-ups (on floor, using rings)
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Rope slams
  • Weighted sled pushing
  • Different kinds of presses: on bosu, on balls
  • Wall ball
  • Step-ups with different kinds of weights
  • Different lunge variations with weights
  • Pullups
  • Rowing, Airdyne or skipping between circuits